Does Google own one medical?

Does Google own one medical? Google does not own One Medical.

Does Google own one medical?

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Google and One Medical: A Brief Overview

One Medical is a primary care provider offering personalized medical services in the United States. It was founded in 2007 by Tom Lee and has become known for its technology-driven approach to healthcare. On the other hand, Google, a multinational technology company, provides various services, including internet-related products and services, search engines, advertising, and cloud computing.

Rumors Connecting Google and One Medical

There have been rumors circulating about Google's ownership of One Medical due to their shared passion for technology and healthcare innovation. However, it is essential to clarify that Google is not the owner of One Medical. One Medical operates as an independent company, and its ownership lies with its stakeholders and investors, not Google.

Partnership between Google and One Medical

While Google does not own One Medical, the two companies have collaborated in the past. In 2018, One Medical partnered with Google to provide its members with convenient access to Google's suite of productivity tools, such as G Suite, Google Calendar, and Google Meet. This collaboration aimed to streamline administrative processes and enhance communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Google Ventures' Investment in One Medical

Although Google is not the owner, it is worth noting that Google Ventures, the investment arm of Google's parent company Alphabet Inc., made a significant investment in One Medical. This investment signifies Google's interest in supporting innovative healthcare companies, as One Medical's model aligns with Google's focus on technology integration and data-driven healthcare solutions.

Google and Healthcare Initiatives

Google has made several ventures into the healthcare industry. For instance, Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., owns Verily Life Sciences, a research organization focused on healthcare innovation. Verily develops tools and technologies to improve healthcare outcomes and conducts research in various fields, such as clinical studies, disease management, and healthcare data analysis.

The Impact of Google's Involvement in Healthcare

Google's interest and investments in healthcare reflect the growing importance of technology in the industry. As Google continues to explore innovative solutions, it may contribute to the advancement of healthcare services, data analysis, and patient care. With the integration of technology, companies like One Medical can leverage Google's resources and expertise to deliver more efficient and personalized healthcare experiences for their patients.


In conclusion, Google does not own One Medical, although there have been rumors about their connection. While Google Ventures has made a substantial investment in One Medical, it is crucial to differentiate ownership from partnerships and investments. Nonetheless, the collaboration between Google and One Medical demonstrates their shared interest in leveraging technology to enhance healthcare services. As both companies continue their respective ventures, the future of healthcare may witness exciting advancements driven by technology and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Google own One Medical?

No, Google does not own One Medical. One Medical is an independent healthcare company that provides membership-based primary care services.

2. Is One Medical affiliated with Google?

No, One Medical is not affiliated with Google. While both companies operate in the healthcare industry, they are separate entities.

3. Is One Medical a subsidiary of Google?

No, One Medical is not a subsidiary of Google. It operates as an independent company and has its own management and ownership structure.

4. Is Google investing in One Medical?

Yes, Google has invested in One Medical. In 2018, Google's parent company, Alphabet, participated in a funding round that raised $350 million for One Medical.

5. Does One Medical use Google technology?

Yes, One Medical uses various technology solutions, but it is not exclusively based on Google technology. One Medical utilizes a combination of digital tools and platforms to enhance its healthcare services.

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